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Bill Pay

Pay bills, pay friends, and send gifts — easy and conveniently.

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What is Bill Pay?

Pay your bills with ease using Elements digital banking tools.

The Bill Pay tool from Elements is a free service offered via online banking that provides a secure and convenient way to organize bills and pay before they’re due. Bill Pay offers a variety of features including:

  • Automatic Payments
  • eBills
  • Calendar View showing a snapshot of all upcoming scheduled bill payments
  • Free Stop Payments
  • Customized Reminders to keep you informed on Bill Pay activities
  • Grouping and Categorizing tools for all of your bills
  • Gift & Charity Payments allowing you to gift funds to friends and family or donate to charity

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Pay a Company

Keep all your bill payments organized with Bill Pay.
  • Some companies like credit card companies, cable companies, electric companies, etc are already available in Bill Pay to easily set up to pay to
  • If a company isn't available to quickly add for payment, the information printed on your bill is all you need to set up a company payee
  • Payments can be scheduled and set for recurring delivery

Pay a Person

You can pay anyone, such as a relative, babysitter, or dog-walker, by entering them as a payee in Bill Pay.
  • Direct deposits (electronic payments) require routing and account number and are paid within 1-2 business days
  • Check payments are mailed and paid within 5-7 business days

Pay with Credit or Debit Card

Use your Elements cards to pay your bills with Bill Pay.
  • Pay your bills easily with your Elements credit or debit card
  • Earn rewards on your Elements credit card just by paying your bills
  • Keep all your bill payments centralized in one place

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Get your bills delivered right to Bill Pay.

Major companies in the Bill Pay payee database have the potential to be set up as an eBill, allowing you to receive your bills within Bill Pay.

  • Once you've entered the payee into Bill Pay you will see them within the eBill Connect section of the Bill Pay homepage if they provide eBills
  • Just click their name in the list and enter your user information from the payee's website to have that bill delivered to Bill Pay
  • If you wish to stop receiving paper bills after setting up eBills, you must contact your billing company

Gift and Charity Payments

Send a gift check to family or make a donation to an organization easily.
  • Gift Checks — If you're the gift-giving type, make it easy for you and special for them. Send a gift check with a personalized message designed for birthdays, new babies, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, or just because for only $2.99.
  • Donations — Show you care by giving a gift that doesn't end. Send a donation to your favorite charity or organization in honor or memory of someone special for only $1.99. You can send a personalized message about your donation using up to 4 email addresses and receive a copy for tax purposes. If you wish to send a standard donation without these features, your can add your charity and schedule as a payment at no additional cost.

How do I set up Bill Pay alerts?

You can set up a variety of alerts to keep you informed about your Bill Pay account activity. All alerts are available by email, and some can be sent via text, too.
  • Account Activity Alerts – get notified when certain types of activity occur, such as when a payment processes, when you have a new secure message, when a transaction is scheduled, or when a new eBill is received.
  • Transaction List Alerts – monthly email alerts containing a list of transactions for the month, such as those scheduled to process or those that were paid.
  • Bill Pay Account Security Alerts – Elements takes account security very seriously, and there are a few alerts you will automatically receive to protect your account, such as a notification when a payee is added to your Bill Pay account or when a payee’s information is changed.
  • Reminders – Set one-time or recurring reminders for yourself to remember to make a payment or that a payment is coming out of your account.

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Bill Pay Video Library

Get some quick tips on how to best use Bill Pay.
  • How to quickly and easily navigate Bill Pay
  • How to send and receive electronic payments to with Zelle®
  • How to pay a company, make individual payments, and make multiple payments at the same time
  • How to add, edit, and delete bill payees
  • How to set up eBills
  • How to rush or cancel payments

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